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Anniversary Silver/Gold Pendant P1190

50th Anniversary Collection

50th Anniversary

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Ortak brand we will be launching a selection of jewellery from the past decades all with a hint of gold for our golden year.

Achnabreck Silver Earrings E1622


A collection of designs inspired by the rock art found in Achnabreck, near Lochgilphead in Scotland.
Aegean Silver Earrings E1815



A stylish collection of Sterling silver jewellery with either a polished silver finished or complemented with Hot glass enamel.

Akiha Silver Earrings E1464


Akiha:- ‘Autumn leaf’. Make a real statement with a spectacular eye-catching piece from our Akiha collection, designed and crafted using a mix of polished and textured silver in bold vibrant shapes.
Alba Silver Earrings EE425


The Gaelic word for Scotland, the designs in this collection are inspired by Pictish carvings found at various locations throughout Scotland.
Archibald Knox Silver Necklet N125

Archibald Knox

1854 - 1933: Influenced by the countryside and ancient stone crosses in his Isle of Man home, Knox minimalized the traditional Celtic knotwork to create the subtle and simple lines symbolic of the English Art Nouveau Movement.
Arctic Silver Pendant EP257


A vibrant collection of elegant designs, crafted in Sterling Silver and complemented with hand enamelling.
Arizona Silver Pendant EP281


A powerful and inspiring range, crafted using a concept of edge to edge Hot Glass Enamelling in sterling silver.
Art Nouveau Silver Ring R102

Art Nouveau

A selection of designs created in Sterling Silver and inspired by the decorative arts of Nouveau.
Aurora Silver Earrings SE161



A vibrant collection of contemporary shaped designs complemented with fiery white Opal stones which capture the changing colours found in the Aurora Borealis also known as The Northern Lights or Merry Dancers.

Azami Silver Earrings E1792



Azami - The Japanese word for 'Thistle Flower' a stylish collection of Sterling Silver jewellery featuring Oriental floral designs.

Bali Silver Pendant EP336


Elegant flowing silver designs enhanced with hot glass enamel in your favourite colourway.
January Birth Flower Silver Earrings E1859

Birth Flowers

Birth Flowers

Our latest concept - Birth Flowers - a different flower celebrates each month of the calendar, all handcrafted in highly polished Sterling Silver. We all love getting flowers and what better than one that will last forever.

January Birthstone Silver Earrings CE350 Garnet


Unique designs complemented with the birthstone for the month.

Blaze Silver Pendant EP168


A simplistic design crafted in Sterling Silver and enhanced with hot glass enamel.
Borneo Silver Earrings E1758


Spring leaves, beautifully captured in this collection of Sterling Silver designs available with a polished finish or enhanced with Hot Glass Enamelling.
Carousel Silver Earrings EE101


A stylish collection of enamel designs crafted in sterling silver with a patterned background which is brought to life with the artistic enamel work.
Cedar Silver Earrings EE351


The first glimpse of Autumn and the changing colours of the woodland as orange hues appear across a once green landscape. Autumnal beauty captured in contemporary design.
Celtic Silver Pendant P975


Celtic craftsmen adapted ideas from nature to produce wonderfully sophisticated designs. Spirals, animal motifs and crosses were woven into intricate knotwork patterns.
Celtic Generations Silver Pendant P1253

Celtic Generations

 A selection of jewellery designed with your loved ones in mind. The continuous celtic knotwork symbolises eternal love and the bonds shared between family members and loved ones.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh Silver Earrings E632

Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Charles Rennie Mackintosh

1868 - 1928: Architect, designer and artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh was one of the most creative figures of the early 20th century, taking his inspiration from Scottish traditions and blending them with the flourish of the Art Nouveau period.

Cherish Silver Pendant CP376 Cubic Zirconia



Elegant designs crafted in Sterling Silver and complemented with Cubic Zirconia.

Coastal Silver Bangle EBG27


This collection captures the rolling waves around our coastlines and is hand enamelled with aquatic colourings.
Crosses Silver Pendant P170


Inspired by the stone crosses of Scotland, these timeless pieces represent some of the earliest memorials to the development of Christianity.
Cuillin Silver/9ctRose Earrings E1060


Silver and rose gold combined gives this traditional Celtic range a contemporary twist.
Cupid Silver Ring CR160

Cupid Rings

Cupid the God of Love and what's not to Love about this collection of stylish rings set with a selection of cut stones.
Birth Flowers Silver Pendant EP439

Daffodils in aid of Marie Curie


Stunning Daffodil jewellery with a subtle hint of hot glass enamel.

Daisy Silver Pendant CP369 Cubic Zirconia


An angelic collection of Daisy jewellery, crafted in a mix of Sterling Silver and complemented with faceted stones.
Delta Silver Pendant EP274


A contemporary collection of sterling silver designs complemented with flowing enamel.
Dream Silver Ring R405



A stylish collection of Sterling Silver jewellery some enhanced with Hot glass enamel all featuring the Runic lettering for 'Dream'

Eclipse Silver Earrings EE388


Bold shapes and intricate enamelling make this collection a necessity.
Elements Silver Earrings EE415



Elementally Air, Fire, Earth and Water make up the 4 elements and within each, we offer a further 3 colourways for you to select from. Each element also relates to a sign of the Zodiac so take a look and see what element you are!

Elle Silver Pendant P851


Elle is a collection of natural flowing lines in polished Sterling Silver giving each piece a modern take on classic forms.
Etive Silver Earrings E1551


Etive captures the shimmering, late sunshine reflections in the Autumnal loch. Time to explore the natural, earthy beauty of the Scottish highlands.
Firefly Silver Pendant EP286


The textured background of the Firefly designs is enhanced with Hot Glass Enamel.
Flourish Silver Earrings SE394 White Opal


Flourish offers designs to suit all tastes - classic and contemporary, stone set or plain all crafted using flowing elegant shapes.
Frank Lloyd Wright Silver Earrings EE52

Frank Lloyd Wright

A stylish collection of jewellery inspired by the works of the famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright (June 8, 1867 – April 9, 1959) who designed more than 1,000 structures.
Happy Valley Gold Earrings GDE119 Diamond

Happy Valley

Happy Valley

One of Orkneys best keep secrets a peaceful hideaway full of changing colours as we move through the seasons a unique and attractive environment, the perfect name for our stylish collection of floral designs.

Harlequin Silver Bangle SBG28 White Opal


Highly polished stylish silver designs set with either vibrant white opal stones or sparkling cubic zirconias.
Haven Silver Bracelet BL491


An elegant collection of subtle flowing designs, available in Sterling Silver or a mix of Silver and Hot Glass Enamel.

Hearts Silver Bracelet BL495


The symbol of love and togetherness, our attractive Heart collection is the perfect way to show your affection.
Heirloom Silver Earrings EE470


Inspired by old civilizations and artefacts the etched pattern underneath the glass is reminiscent of old pottery and decorative metalworking. The vibrant colours of the enamel add an almost sepia tone aesthetic, hinting at the idea of memories and past times captured in silver.
Honey Bee Silver BL509

Honey Bee

An intricate collection of designs crafted in sterling silver,  Honey Bees are a symbol of wealth, good luck and prosperity since ancient times, working within their colony to carry pollen between blossoms.
Honeycomb Silver Brooch B602


A collection of sterling silver designs enhanced with waves of hot glass enamel, also available plain with a highly polished finish.
Hummingbird Silver Pendant EP283


Elegant swirls, crafted in sterling silver and brought to life with the energetic enamelling in the shades of Waterfall.
Impressions Silver Earrings E1035


Patterned sterling silver designs, large stylish shapes some enhanced with intricate hand enamelling.
Indulge Silver Earrings E1801



Treat yourself to some jewels from this luxurious collection of Sterling Silver designs, some complemented with colourful enamel.

Kooky Silver Earrings E1597


Simple, fresh, polished silver, this bold collection is inspired by strong graphic patterns with playful swirls.
Leah Silver Pendant EP150


Fresh spring leaves are encapsulated in this bold collection, available in Silver and Gold or why not add the sparkle of Diamonds or enhance with Hot Glass Enamel.
Liberty Silver Bangle BG170


Flowing lines of polished silver reminiscent of the Arts & Crafts style.
Lion Rampant Silver Cufflinks CL26

Lion Rampant

The Royal Arms of the Kings of Scotland since the days of Alexander II, the treasured Lion still retains its individual status as a sovereign coat of arms which is captured in our classic collection of jewellery.
Live, Love, Laugh Silver Earrings E1898

Live, Love, Laugh

Live Love Laugh
The important things in life, Live well, Love always and Laugh often now available from Ortak in our new collection of jewellery.  Designed to be worn either way, one side has an abstract symbol and the other features Live, Love, Laugh in Runic Writing.
Luckenbooth Silver Earrings E177


Originally the heart-shaped Luckenbooth was given, in the 16th century, at weddings and engagements as a token of love. From the 18th century onwards they were worn to protect against evil spirits. The name comes from the locking booths or small shops, a feature of Edinburgh's Royal Mile.
Lulu Silver Earrings E1765


Striking silver designs enhanced with an oxidised finish to add a touch of class.
Maggies Silver Earrings EE369


A contemporary collection of polished designs, some complemented with hot glass enamel.
Meadow Silver Pendant EP132


Flowing elegant designs crafted in sterling silver and enhanced with hand painted hot glass enamel.
Meira Silver Ring R350


A collection of stylish delicate designs finished in highly polished Sterling Silver.
Mirage Silver Earrings EE411


A collection of vibrant designs created in sterling silver and hand enamelled using our edge to edge enamelling technique.
Mirran Ripples Silver Pendant CP373

Mirran Ripples

A collection inspired by the natural ripples of the seas around Orkney. Available in Silver and Gold and to add a bit of sparkle also available with diamonds.
Mulberry Silver Earrings E1808



A sophisticated collection of elegant designs, crafted in either plain Sterling Silver or add a splash of colour with Hot Glass Enamel.

Nature In Flight Gold Pendant GDP95

Nature in Flight

A selection of designs inspired by Natures gliding creatures, crafted in sterling silver some enhanced with hand enamelling and faceted stones to enhance their beauty.
New Dawn Silver Pendant EP375

New Dawn

A new collection of designs to celebrate the new beginnings for Ortak, an elegant selection of Sterling Silver some complemented with Hot Glass Enamel.
Orbit   Silver Earrings EE342


'Time to Shine' is the influential trend taking design cues from the night sky and the celestial wonders within it. Glimmering stars scattered across the winter sky, stellar elegance encapsulated in each design.
Skyline Silver Charm C355

Orkney Traditonal

A selection of designs inspired by the Historic Sites famous on our beautiful islands.

Oslo Silver Earrings E1679


Eye-catching bold designs crafted in a mix of Polished, Sandblasted and Hammered Silver.
Pat Cheney Silver Necklet EN115

Pat Cheney

Original designs from the 'Pat Cheney' collection hand enamelled in stunning colourways.

Pat Cheney Silver Pendant GP701

Pat Cheney Glass

Pat Cheney
Pirouette Silver Earrings E1415


A simply silver collection that answers the ‘handmade folk’ fashion brief. Hammered satin finished silver in bold simple forms are at the heart of this craft.
Poppies Silver Earrings EE555



A collection of vibrant Poppy designs created in Sterling Silver and complemented with hand enamelling.

Raindrops Silver Earrings E1771


An elegant collection of Sterling Silver designs with an oxidised finish which enhances the individual dots within the design.
Retreat Silver Brooch CB129



A contemporary collection of artistic designs all available in Sterling Silver, perfect to add some style to your outfit.

Retro Silver Earrings SE1 Onyx


A selection of Retro style jewellery crafted in Sterling Silver with Black Onyx Stones.
Ring of Brodgar Silver Necklet EN113

Ring of Brodgar

Ring of Brodgar

A collection of jewellery inspired by Orkney's ancient heritage site the 'Ring of Brodgar', the enamel items are complemented with Hot glass enamel in colourings of the Northern Lights. - Designed by Sasha Miller from Orkney.

Ritzy Silver Pendant EP344


An eclectic collection created in polished silver and hot glass enamel. Ritzy echoes the luxury, glamour and exuberance of the 1920's.
Dream Silver Ring ER141

Runic rings

Love, loyalty, friendship inscribed in ancient runes wind around these simple polished bands.

Sahara Sunset Silver Bangle SBG29 White Opal

Sahara Sunset

A vibrant collection of Silver artwork complemented with a variety of shaped White Opal stones.
Sail Away Silver Bangle EBG32

Sail Away

A sophisticated collection of flowing designs available in hot glass enamel and crafted in sterling silver.
Script Silver Earrings E1466


Love, Dream, Laugh - an artistic collection of script jewellery in polished Sterling Silver.
Simply Stylish Silver Set SET175

Simply Stylish

Timeless classics offering pure, elegance and style.
Solstice Silver Pendant GP3


The Ring of Brodgar, one of Orkney's most iconic historical sites, has been a continued source of inspiration for artists throughout the decades. As we approach the celebration of the Summer Solstice it seems like the most befitting time to release our new range inspired by the Neolithic stones. Solstice, designed by Laura Johnston, represents the natural illusion of a ring curving into the horizon.
Teddy Bear Silver Earrings E116

Teddy Bear

A collection for our younger fans, a stylish selection of cute Teddy Bear jewellery.
Cairns Silver Pendant BP3

The Cairns Pin

The design for this pin has been recovered from 1st Century mould fragments found at The Cairns Iron Age broch, South Ronaldsay, Orkney. Using 3D scanning and modelling techniques the pin was 'virtually cast' and a yet to be recovered pin form was revealed.


QNIS Silver Brooch B609

The Queens Nursing Institute Scotland

In 2019, the Queen’s Nursing Institute Scotland (QNIS) is marking its 130th anniversary. To celebrate, QNIS has partnered with Ortak to offer a special range of jewellery. The QNIS thistle has been recognised by communities across Scotland as a mark of nursing excellence for 130 years. A donation from each purchase will be gifted to QNIS so they can continue their work to connect, equip and champion community nurses across Scotland. 

Thistle Silver Pendant P537


The national and traditional symbol for Scotland transformed into stunning, stylized images.

Tonic Silver Earrings E1804



Just what you need... This collection is elegant with decorative shapes and suitable for day or evening wear... Available in Sterling Silver and a mix of Silver and Hot Glass Enamel.

Tranquillity Silver Pendant EP223


A selection of flowing elegant designs crafted in sterling silver and hand enamelled in tranquil colourings.

Trendy Twirls Silver Brooch B566

Trendy Twirls

Trendy Twirls

Looking for stylish, flowing designs suitable for everyday wear... Trendy Twirls is crafted in Sterling Silver with a mix of finishes.

True Silver Earrings E1453


True - takes design queues from the ornate textures and multiple chains of military uniforms – all with a dash of eighties new romance! Available in a contrasting polished and hammered silver finish.
Tulips Supporting MS - Silver Bracelet BL494

Tulips Supporting MS


An elegant Tulip designed by local MS supporter Hayley Budge. The above collage shows the various steps that we have worked on with Hayley during the design of the pendant. Ortak is delighted to support the MS Trust and will be donating 20% of all Tulip sales.

Twiggy Silver Bangle BG201


Stunning polished silver flowing lines. With a natural, reflective and luminous quality, Twiggy celebrates the beauty of a crisp winter morning.
Twist & Shout Silver Necklet N386

Twist & Shout

Playful, bold, three-dimensional twists of polished silver. Natural, fluid and full of movement.
Celtic Silver Charm C299

Universal Charm

Universal Charm Bracelets

Add your favourite Ortak charms to any charm bracelet - A variety of Sterling Silver designs sold on their own or complete with a heavy snake chain bracelet. Why stop at one charm? A great gift that can be added to time and time again...

Wildlife Silver Earrings E111


A selection of our finest animals created in Sterling Silver.
Zodiac Silver Pendant P1173 Capricorn


The twelve zodiac signs offered in hand enamelled pendants and earrings.