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Inspired by Orkney

"The Orkney imagination is haunted by time"

George Mackay Brown

We are truly blessed to live in such a rich historical and cultural environment, inspiration is easily found and very much encouraged. From music, art and history to farming, fishing and uphold traditions such as the Ba we are undoubtedly proud of our islands. 

Cairns Silver Pendant BP3

The Cairns Pin

The design for this pin has been recovered from 1st Century mould fragments found at The Cairns Iron Age broch, South Ronaldsay, Orkney. Using 3D scanning and modelling techniques the pin was 'virtually cast' and a yet to be recovered pin form was revealed.


Dream Silver Pendant EP410



A stylish collection of Sterling Silver jewellery some enhanced with Hot glass enamel all featuring the Runic lettering for 'Dream'

Live, Love, Laugh Silver Pendant P1221

Live, Love, Laugh

Live Love Laugh
The important things in life, Live well, Love always and Laugh often now available from Ortak in our new collection of jewellery.  Designed to be worn either way, one side has an abstract symbol and the other features Live, Love, Laugh in Runic Writing.
Orkney Traditional Silver Pendant P1150

Orkney Traditonal

A selection of designs inspired by the Historic Sites famous on our beautiful islands.

Runic Silver Ring R234

Runic rings

Love, loyalty, friendship inscribed in ancient runes wind around these simple polished bands.

Solstice Ring of Brodgar Sterling Silver & Moonstone Earrings, SE420

Ring of Brodgar

Ring of Brodgar

A collection of jewellery inspired by Orkney's ancient heritage site the 'Ring of Brodgar', the enamel items are complemented with Hot glass enamel in colourings of the Northern Lights. 

Solstice Silver Pendant GP3


The Ring of Brodgar, one of Orkney's most iconic historical sites, has been a continued source of inspiration for artists throughout the decades. As we approach the celebration of the Summer Solstice it seems like the most befitting time to release our new range inspired by the Neolithic stones. Solstice, designed by Laura Johnston, represents the natural illusion of a ring curving into the horizon.