Turn your Jewellery dreams into reality. Our Bespoke jewellery service allows you to use your imagination to get the ideal one-off piece of jewellery that will be unique to you. We can take your sketch, a picture or your description and with the help of our design team, take your initial thoughts and create your very own Bespoke Jewellery.
From your initial ideas, we will create designs for you, which are then sent for approval. We can do any modifications to ensure you have the jewellery of your dreams. Once the designs are signed off, your jewellery will then be handmade in the metal of your choice, set gemstones if required. It will be made by our quality craftspeople who will take care and attention to every piece to ensure it is perfect in every way.
Visit or call us, and let us show you how easy it is to create your own unique item of jewellery. Either adapt one of the designs in our existing range; choose a different stone, change a colour or engrave a personal message. Alternatively, you may have your own ideas. Discuss them with us, and you’ll be amazed at what is possible. Our designers will, where necessary, provide you with a detailed image of how your item will look. Rings are the most popular however we can create almost any custom piece of designer jewellery.
To discuss further, please call 01856 873201 or e-mail hello@ortak.co.uk and we will be delighted to make your dream piece of jewellery become a reality. Please allow at least 8 weeks for this service.