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Bridal Jewellery

You have spent weeks looking for the perfect dress for your special day, now that you have the dress, the shoes and your veil, but need the last few pieces to finish your look for the person of your dreams. Then look no further than Ortak for that special jewellery to finish your look. Our online bridal Jewellery is waiting for you.

We can make your bridal jewellery just for you. Looking for something with Diamonds or Gold bridal jewellery, then here at Ortak we have unique bridal jewellery just for you to complement your stunning outfit for that special day. Our expert team of enamellers are able to colour match nearly any colour from a sample of material, so not only will it match on the day but it’s a perfect present and memory of your special day.

All our handmade bridal jewellery is made at our workshop in Kirkwall, Orkney. Have you been on our website and seen something you like, but would like a twist on it, maybe a different coloured stone or would like it in Gold instead of Silver, then contact Ortak HQ who are here to make your dreams come true.