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Spirit of the Land

"Land really is the best art"

Andy Warhol


Art can be found in everything. These collection are representative of this, taking inspiration from scenic landscapes and the curious creatures that inhabit them. 

Akiha Silver Earrings E1464


Akiha:- ‘Autumn leaf’. Make a real statement with a spectacular eye-catching piece from our Akiha collection, designed and crafted using a mix of polished and textured silver in bold vibrant shapes.
Azami Silver Earrings E1792



Azami - The Japanese word for 'Thistle Flower' a stylish collection of Sterling Silver jewellery featuring Oriental floral designs.

January Birth Flower Silver Earrings E1859

Birth Flowers

Birth Flowers

Our latest concept - Birth Flowers - a different flower celebrates each month of the calendar, all handcrafted in highly polished Sterling Silver. We all love getting flowers and what better than one that will last forever.

Borneo Silver Earrings E1758


Spring leaves, beautifully captured in this collection of Sterling Silver designs available with a polished finish or enhanced with Hot Glass Enamelling.
Carousel Silver Earrings EE101


A stylish collection of enamel designs crafted in sterling silver with a patterned background which is brought to life with the artistic enamel work.
Cedar Silver Earrings EE351


The first glimpse of Autumn and the changing colours of the woodland as orange hues appear across a once green landscape. Autumnal beauty captured in contemporary design.
Daisy Silver Pendant CP257 Amethyst


An angelic collection of Daisy jewellery, crafted in a mix of Sterling Silver and complemented with faceted stones.
Birth Flowers Silver Pendant EP439

Daffodils in aid of Marie Curie


Stunning Daffodil jewellery with a subtle hint of hot glass enamel.

Firefly Silver Pendant EP286


The textured background of the Firefly designs is enhanced with Hot Glass Enamel.
Honey Bee Silver BL509

Honey Bee

An intricate collection of designs crafted in sterling silver,  Honey Bees are a symbol of wealth, good luck and prosperity since ancient times, working within their colony to carry pollen between blossoms.
Honeycomb Silver Brooch B602


A collection of sterling silver designs enhanced with waves of hot glass enamel, also available plain with a highly polished finish.
Hummingbird Silver Pendant EP283


Elegant swirls, crafted in sterling silver and brought to life with the energetic enamelling in the shades of Waterfall.
Leah Silver Pendant EP150


Fresh spring leaves are encapsulated in this bold collection, available in Silver and Gold or why not add the sparkle of Diamonds or enhance with Hot Glass Enamel.
Meadow Silver Pendant EP132


Flowing elegant designs crafted in sterling silver and enhanced with hand painted hot glass enamel.
Mulberry Silver Earrings E1808



A sophisticated collection of elegant designs, crafted in either plain Sterling Silver or add a splash of colour with Hot Glass Enamel.

Nature In Flight Gold Pendant GDP95

Nature in Flight

A selection of designs inspired by Natures gliding creatures, crafted in sterling silver some enhanced with hand enamelling and faceted stones to enhance their beauty.
Poppies Silver Earrings EE555



A collection of vibrant Poppy designs created in Sterling Silver and complemented with hand enamelling.

Sahara Sunset Silver Bangle SBG29 White Opal

Sahara Sunset

A vibrant collection of Silver artwork complemented with a variety of shaped White Opal stones.
Teddy Bear Silver Earrings E116

Teddy Bear

A collection for our younger fans, a stylish selection of cute Teddy Bear jewellery.
Tranquillity Silver Pendant EP223


A selection of flowing elegant designs crafted in sterling silver and hand enamelled in tranquil colourings.

Tulips Supporting MS - Silver Bracelet BL494

Tulips Supporting MS


An elegant Tulip designed by local MS supporter Hayley Budge. The above collage shows the various steps that we have worked on with Hayley during the design of the pendant. Ortak is delighted to support the MS Trust and will be donating 20% of all Tulip sales.

Wildlife Silver Earrings E111


A selection of our finest animals created in Sterling Silver.