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Latest Collections

Here at Ortak we are always looking for the beauty within, the little details that make each piece special. These are our most recent collections, carefully crafted by our team of skilled workers
Sterling Silver Ran Collection Pendant with Stylist Space P1287


An innovative new collection inspired by Ran, the Norse Goddess of the sea. Taking inspiration from rolling waves and nets, this collection depicts the flowing movements of the sea and the feminine power of Ran.

Scottish Primrose Silver Necklet EN117

Scottish Primrose - Primula Scotica

Found along the shorelines in the North of Scotland this delicate little flower stands strong against the tremendous storms rolling in from the Atlantic and North Seas.
Designed by Laura Johnston

Dröfn Silver Pendant EP477


Inspired by mystical tales and poems from Old Norse literature. This collection takes it's name from one of the nine daughters of Aegir and Ran, each being the personification of the waves. Dröfn, meaning foaming sea, is representative of the turbulent seas crashing against the Orkney shoreline. 
Designed by Laura Johnston

Frank Lloyd Wright Silver Necklet EN41

Frank Lloyd Wright

A stylish collection of jewellery inspired by the works of the famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright (June 8, 1867 – April 9, 1959) who designed more than 1,000 structures.
Solstice Silver Pendant GP3


The Ring of Brodgar, one of Orkney's most iconic historical sites, has been a continued source of inspiration for artists throughout the decades. As we approach the celebration of the Summer Solstice it seems like the most befitting time to release our new range inspired by the Neolithic stones. Solstice, designed by Laura Johnston, represents the natural illusion of a ring curving into the horizon.
Celtic Generations Silver Pendant P1253

Celtic Generations

 A selection of jewellery designed with your loved ones in mind. The continuous celtic knotwork symbolises eternal love and the bonds shared between family members and loved ones.

Pat Cheney Silver Pendant GP705

Pat Cheney Glass

Pat Cheney
Live, Love, Laugh Silver Pendant P1221

Live, Love, Laugh

Live Love Laugh
The important things in life, Live well, Love always and Laugh often now available from Ortak in our new collection of jewellery.  Designed to be worn either way, one side has an abstract symbol and the other features Live, Love, Laugh in Runic Writing.
Aurora Silver Pendant SP141



A vibrant collection of contemporary shaped designs complemented with fiery white Opal stones which capture the changing colours found in the Aurora Borealis also known as The Northern Lights or Merry Dancers.