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Contemporary Jewellery

Aurora Silver Earrings SE161



A vibrant collection of contemporary shaped designs complemented with fiery white Opal stones which capture the changing colours found in the Aurora Borealis also known as The Northern Lights or Merry Dancers.

Blaze Silver Pendant EP168


A simplistic design crafted in Sterling Silver and enhanced with hot glass enamel.
January Birthstone Silver Earrings CE350 Garnet


Unique designs complemented with the birthstone for the month.

Cherish Silver Pendant CP376 Cubic Zirconia



Elegant designs crafted in Sterling Silver and complemented with Cubic Zirconia.

Cupid Silver Ring CR160

Cupid Rings

Cupid the God of Love and what's not to Love about this collection of stylish rings set with a selection of cut stones.
Maggies Silver Earrings EE369


A contemporary collection of polished designs, some complemented with hot glass enamel.
Orbit   Silver Earrings EE342


'Time to Shine' is the influential trend taking design cues from the night sky and the celestial wonders within it. Glimmering stars scattered across the winter sky, stellar elegance encapsulated in each design.
Script Silver Earrings E1466


Love, Dream, Laugh - an artistic collection of script jewellery in polished Sterling Silver.
Tonic Silver Earrings E1804



Just what you need... This collection is elegant with decorative shapes and suitable for day or evening wear... Available in Sterling Silver and a mix of Silver and Hot Glass Enamel.

Trendy Twirls Silver Brooch B566

Trendy Twirls

Trendy Twirls

Looking for stylish, flowing designs suitable for everyday wear... Trendy Twirls is crafted in Sterling Silver with a mix of finishes.

True Silver Earrings E1453


True - takes design queues from the ornate textures and multiple chains of military uniforms – all with a dash of eighties new romance! Available in a contrasting polished and hammered silver finish.
Zodiac Silver Pendant P1173 Capricorn


The twelve zodiac signs offered in hand enamelled pendants and earrings.