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Bridesmaids Jewellery

Got your wedding all planned; picked your dresses and now the next on your list is what to buy your Bridesmaids. Look no further than Ortak, we have loads of ideas for Bridesmaids jewellery.

Our Bridesmaids jewellery comes in many different styles and is available in both Gold and Silver. Looking for a simple pendant that all your bridesmaids can wear on their big day, then our handmade bridesmaids’ jewellery is there just for you.

Our unique bridesmaid’s jewellery can be made to match the colours of your wedding party. Send us a swatch of material and we can make jewellery with hot glass enamel to match your colours, your bridesmaids will look stunning with colour matching pendants to their dresses.

All our online bridesmaids’ jewellery is available on our website. Seen something you like, but want a different colour or stone, then contact us to arrange for the jewellery to be made to meet your needs. All we need is a sample to match the colour of your dreams.