Solstice - Ring of Brodgar



The Ring of Brodgar, a remarkable historical feature, has stood proudly for 5000 years. Built in the centre of a natural amphitheatre between the Harray and Stenness lochs, the monumental stone circle originally consisted of 60 megaliths, of which 36 have survived the centuries. There still is a huge amount of mystery surrounding the standing stones which acts as inspiration for all forms of art. Growing up in Orkney children are often told tales of dancing giants being frozen by the rising sun. Professor Alexander Thom, a notable astro-archeologist, theorised that the neolithic site was constructed as a lunar observatory. As we approach this year's Summer Solstice, the longest day, we thought it would only be fitting to release our range inspired by our incredible history. 

Our design process begins with Laura who starts by researching a topic, Laura spends time at the site photographing and sketching notable features. Once back in the office she selects basic shapes to work around. For this particular collection the starting point was the dichroic glass piece. Working with established boundaries to incorporate the glass allowed her to focus on how each component would work together, creating harmony between silver and glass. As you can see in the sketches Laura has developed the piece from two relatively complex drawings but retained the perspective with the intention of representing the natural illusion of the Ring of Brodgar curving into the horizon. Using the basic form of the glass "statement piece" she has reimagined the original drawing to complete the collection. The stone set piece embodying the astronomical significance of the site. Once the design process is finalised the collection is reproduced using lost-wax casting, our team of skilled production workers then trim and polish each individual piece by hand. As part of our range we also offer handmade hot glass enamelled jewellery, giving our work a bright and unique element.







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Ortak Jewellery

Ortak are known for beautifully crafted, unique Scottish jewellery designs in silver and enamel. We pride ourselves on the manufacturing processes we now carry out. Every piece of jewellery is hand-crafted in Orkney and sent onto its future owners with pride. We use the most up to date equipment along with skilled craftspeople to create beautiful jewellery.

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