Behind the Scenes at Ortak HQ.
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Behind the Scenes at Ortak HQ.

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Behind the Scenes at Ortak HQ.

Last week we welcomed wonderful local photographer, Colin Keldie, for a behind the scenes look at our workshop. In these strange times not being able to share the Ortak story and welcome visitors to see our jewellery being hand crafted has been a real miss. However, the magic of our manufacturing process is just too special not to share so we’ll be bringing a behind the scenes view right to you in the coming weeks and months.


Set in Kirkwall, in the heart of the Orkney Islands, our workshop is home to talented craftspeople with a combined 200 years of experience in jewellery manufacturing. Each piece is lovingly made right here before being shipped to loyal Ortak customers all over the world. Thanks Colin for coming in to help us capture the magic. 


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To view Colin’s stunning images of Orkney, visit his website here:


Team Ortak. 


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