Save your Sparkles – Jewellery Care 


Here are a few top tips from our experts on how to keep your jewellery bright and sparkling!  
We recommend that our customers do not wear jewellery when applying any selfcare products i.e. Skin lotions, hairspray and perfume. It is also recommended that you remove your pieces while exercising, especially swimming!  


  • Wipe your jewellery with an anti-tarnish polish cloth before storing it away to remove any oils or moisture. 
  • Store your silver in a dry place – those little silica pack you get in EVERYTHING are perfect for absorbing any remaining moisture 
  •  Wood and other chemically treated surfaces can stain/intensify the tarnishing process.  
  • Keep Gold and Silver separately – Gold is easily scratched – best to keep in original boxes if you can 
  • Avoid leaving your stone pieces in sunlight – if exposed for prolonged periods vibrant stones such as amethysts and cubic zirconia may become dull.  


  • Do not use toothpaste – too abrasive for polished surfaces, life hack/home remedies aren’t always the accurate, it’s always best to ask the professionals 
  • Use dish washing soap and warm water – mild dish soap and rub with a soft cloth, rinse in cold water buff with anti-tarnish cloth. 
If you are unsure about cleaning your pieces at home for a small fee and the cost of postage you can return to the makers and we can restore your sparkles.