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Looking for some colour in your life or in your jewellery, then look no further than our Silver or Gold enamel jewellery. Each piece of our unique enamel jewellery is hand painted in our workshop in Kirkwall using a quill.

Our online enamel jewellery is available in a wide range of colours, but if you would like to see a different colour, then contact us at Ortak HQ where we can discuss your needs or send us a colour swatch to see if we can do a colour match.

With over 500 pieces of enamel jewellery in our range, you can have a ring, pendant, earrings, bracelet to match the colours of your dreams.

Our enamel jewellery is handmade enamel, each piece is carefully painted on by our skilled enamellers, who take care and attention to ensure each piece of jewellery is carefully finished to give our customers amazing jewellery in amazing colours.